25th May 2016
18th European Corporate Governance Conference

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Boardroom:

Disruptive Thoughts, Entrepreneurial Action!

People, Planet, Profit…Purpose

In ONE DAY you will learn all the CSR lessons AND the ‘How To’ rules for the 
CHANGE to CSE (Corporate Social Entrepreneurship)!
Join the discussion with fellow European directors, board members, stakeholders and experts to get to the NEXT steps.

Look at the high lights and first photos here!

Opinion leaders

Teresa Fogelberg is Deputy Chief Executive of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). She is also board member at Cordaid, WWF Netherlands and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). Teresa Fogelberg is an expert on the subject of women and development. She is former Chief Reviewer of the Gender and Diversity Programme of the CGIAR at the World Bank, and Associate Professor in Anthropology at Leiden University. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs she was head of the Research department, head of the Women and Development department, and thematic specialist on women and development at the Dutch embassy in Dakar, Senegal.

Peter Bakker is known for his social involvement. Both in his private life, as well as in his former job as CEO of TNT, he strives for a better world and CSR policy. At TNT he started the World Food Program, which aims at eliminating food shortages. He also founded Planet Me, which focuses on climate change. He is President of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and chairman of the Supervisory Board of War Child.

Turid Solvang is co-Founder and Managing Director of the Norwegian Institute of Directors, established in 2009 (www.styreinstitutt.no). Ms Solvang holds the Chair of EcoDa (www.ecoda.org). She is also vice Chair of the European Women on Boards initiative.

Richard Kooloos is Director Sustainable Banking at ABN AMRO Bank N.V.. He is involved in the sustainability of policies and the management of shareholders. As a banker Richard has worked for different banks. He has gained much experience in the field of export and project financing, energy and recycling, and sustainable banking. He is also Board Member at Global Compact Netherlands and at VBDO, as well as Supervisory Board Member at Start Green consumer products fund BV.. As of 2015 he joined Worldconnectors, a Dutch network of opinion leaders on international sustainability.

Sonja Schasfoort is a highly experienced senior manager exceeding in turn-around and change management at large corporates. She started her career at Exxon Mobil as an analyst followed by international positions in operations and sales. In 2008 she joined USG People, with more than 100.000 employees one of Europe’s largest HR service providers as managing director of Start People; Since 2013 she holds the position of Vice President of USG Professionals.  Apart from her executive position at USG People, Sonja holds the vice chair at the NCD and is founder of Female Footprint.

Jan Peter Balkenende was Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 2002 till 2010. He became a Partner, responsible for Corporate Responsibility, for EY in 2011.  He is also professor of Governance, Institutions and Internationalization at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Member Board of Trustees at the Goldschmeding Foundation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Social Alliance Netherlands and Chairman of the Committee structure enhancement and employment Zeeland.

Paul Koster is director of the Investors Association (VEB). From late 2008 to October 2012 he was chief executive of the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), the regulator of the financial sector in Dubai. Until the end of 2013 he was a senior adviser to the Governor of the Dubai International Financial Centre. From 2001 to 2008 Koster was board member of the Financial Markets Authority.

Peter Borgdorff is Chairman-Supervisory Board at KAS BANK NV, a Managing Director at Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn, and Chairman at Eumedion. He is on the Board of Directors at Nationaal Instituut voor Budgetvoorlichting.

Richard Howitt, an elected Member of the European Parliament since 1994, has served as Rapporteur on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) over three successive European Parliaments. He represents European interests in a number of international CSR initiatives, and serves as a member of the Public Policy Advisory Group of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), a Friend of the OECD Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises, a Member of the Governmental Advisory Group of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and as an Ambassador for the Prince of Wales Accounting for Sustainability project.

What is it all about?

There is a fast growing preference among consumers for purpose driven companies. In addition governmental organizations prefer societally driven partners and require those companies to ‘give back’ to society.
Corporate Social Responsibility is here to stay and will be a MUST for every organization!

The Conference will provide you with ALL the CSR lessons learned.
Including those of Corporate Social Entrepreneurship (CSE): in a responsible and sustainable manner the purpose and DNA of an organization is leading in all aspects of business.

The leadership challenge is incorporating this CSE action in your organization and maximizing the positive impact of it: Profit, Planet, People…and adding Purpose to it.
With fellow European directors and supervisory board members you will be able to discuss what CSR and CSE mean for the future of leadership and governance.

The Conference is proactive, inspiring, future focused, controversial and practical.
We will present Best Cases AND Next Cases!

Programme May 25th

Opening 09.30 hours: Sonja Schasfoort (Vice President NCD) and Turid Solvang (Chair EcoDa) and TEDx-like presentations by Peter Bakker (Chair of WBCSD), Richard Kooloos (Director Sustainable Banking ABN AMRO), Richard Howitt (European Parliament) and Paul Koster (VEB).
In between examples of successful Social Entrepreneurs.

Followed by two rounds of five Inspiration Sessions (you can attend two of them) by Jeroen Hooijer (EU), Kathelijne Drenth (The Twelve), Lodewijk de Waal (NCP OECD), Willem Lageweg (CSR Netherlands / MVO Nederland), Willem van Hassel (Nationaal Register)

In the afternoon: Peter Borgdorff (Eumedion)  and Jan Peter Balkenende (EY).
In between examples of successful Social Entrepreneurs.
Followed by two rounds of five Inspiration Sessions by: Guido Braam (Circular Economy), Lutgart van den Berghe (Guberna), Sjoerd Kamerbeek (Van Doorne N.V.), Stef van Dongen (Enviu), Susanne Stormer (Novo Nordisk)

We will round up the Conference with the joint support of a CSE Manifest!

There will be a pre-conference meeting on May 24th:
We will visit the newly opened Circular Economy Expo (Haarlemmermeer) in the afternoon of the 24th where we will get the latest developments and examples on Circular Economy. More information on the afternoon’s programme can be found here


Inspiration sessions

Willem van Hassel
is a former lawyer and has held various executive and supervisory positions since 2000. He is chairman of the board of Nationaal Register (National Registry). He is chairman of the supervisory board of Aan de Stegge Verenigde Bedrijven B.V., Box Consultants BV and HW Wonen. He is non-executive board member of Brack Capital Properties N.V., arbitrator at the Dutch Arbitration Institute and is regularly appointed as a researcher or temporary director / commissioner by the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.

Stef van Dongen
is an impact-driven entrepreneur. He studied Small Business in Haarlem and received his Master in Rotterdam (specialization in Global Business Society Management). As founder of Enviu, Stef is always looking for profitable solutions to solve the world’s problems. With Enviu, he founded a total of 11 social enterprises in the last decade.
This year, Stef was awarded the RSM Distinguished Young Leader Award and was included in the Sustainable Trouw Top 100, where he came in 31st place.

Lutgart Van den Berghe
holds a PhD in Economics from Ghent University. She is executive director at GUBERNA (Belgian Institute of Directors) and Partner of Vlerick Business School. She is a part-time professor at Ghent University (field of Corporate Governance) and auditor in a number of listed and non-listed multinational companies such as Belgacom and Electrabel Belgium. Lutgart was guest or part-time professor at the Universities of Rotterdam (Netherlands ), Antwerp (Belgium ), Lille (France), Bocconi (Italy), Vienna (Austria) and at Georgia State University (USA). Her research focuses on corporate governance. Lutgart is also Ecoda’s Policy Committee’s Chair.

Guido Braam
During his career, Braam was co-creator of several impact-driven start-ups. Since 2014 he is involved with Powered by Meaning, a partnership that seeks to undertake meaningful entrepreneurship, and which now consists of eight organizations : Aimforthemoon, Co_mmunity, Next2Company, Outside Inc., We Beat The Mountain, Ygenwijs, NYSE and Kirkman Company. All these organizations believe in the ‘New Normal’. A world where the long-term thought and circular economy gets the focus and where cooperation, the power of the collective and common interests, are paramount. Guido Braam uses his knowledge and experience of circular and social entrepreneurship to further develop Powered by Meaning into a leading network in the Netherlands.

Kathelijne Drenth
is an executive coach and organisational expert.  She has 20 years experience in guiding leaders and their organisations, working with start-ups, SMEs and MNCs in Europe and Brazil. She is founder and CEO of The Twelve B.V., leading its practice of Leadership and Organisational Purpose.  The Twelve is specialised in facilitating leaders who want to learn how to innovate and excel with their organisations within a complex and constantly disruptive world, and who want to transform along with their people towards agile and resilient performing organisations. Together with her business partner Richard Leachman, Kathelijne has worked with The Twelve’s proprietary  innovation Core Purpose for over twelve years.  It is a powerful key to creating optimal unique experiential value for clients for the optimal benefit of all stakeholders, leading to a healthy, sustainable and uniquely differentiated business.  And this is what it’s all about in business.

Jeroen Hooijer
European Commission. Acting Director of Civil Law and department chief of company law and good governance. Responsible for policy development eg . EU bankruptcy law , digitalization in the company law and negotiating a revision of the European shareholders directive. One of the current issues is an EU consultation concerning ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Investment.

Willem Lageweg
is co-founder and managing director of CSR Netherlands, the knowledge and network organization with 2,250 member companies and organizations that under his leadership has become the largest CSR network of companies in Europe. The focus is on accelerating the transition to a sustainable and future-proof business. In addition to his day job, he holds several executive and supervisory positions at organizations such as the Louis Bolkinstituut, Women on Wings and Close the Gap. Lageweg is also a member of the SER-Committee for IMVO and co-founder of the CSR Network in Kenya.

Susanne Stormer
is Vice President of Corporate Sustainability and Chief Sustainability Officer at Novo Nordisk. Susanne joined the Novo Group in 2000 to ingrain the Triple Bottom Line principle in the business as the lens for decision-making and a strong component of the corporate culture. Among her achievements are the successful integration of the company’s financial and sustainability reporting. She represents Novo Nordisk to the UN Global Compact and the Global Business Initiative on Human Rights. She is appointed member of the International Integrated Reporting Council, and member of the Board of the Access to Nutrition Foundation. In 2013 she was appointed adjunct professor of Corporate Sustainability at the Copenhagen Business School.

Lodewijk de Waal
NCP Chairman, joined the NCP in 2007 after a long career in the Dutch trade union federation. From 1997 to 2005 he was chairman of the FNV. In this capacity he also held positions such as vice-chair of the Social-economic Council and chair of FNV Mondiaal. From 2006 to 2010 he was general manager of Humanitas. He currently holds positions at various organisations.

Sjoerd Kamerbeek
as lawyer at Van Doorne, he is involved in advising on stakeholder management, and litigation in the areas of commercial and corporate litigation and venture capital transactions. Sjoerd has developed a particular expertise around social entrepreneurship. He supervises several social impact funds with their investments in social enterprises and advises social enterprises on the implementation of their corporate governance and ensuring their social mission. In the same context, Sjoerd is involved in the development of all social impact bonds in the Netherlands, the new financial instrument for social impact. Finally, he is a co-founder and member of the board of Trustees attached to the chair of Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Utrecht.

Do you want to:

  • Contribute to the debate on future proof governance: empowering sustainable development and innovation?
  • Meet with peers, thought leaders and experts, exchange views, share knowledge, discuss dilemmas, learnings and current best practices?
  • Get inspiring examples of future proof, sustainable initiatives and approaches?
  • Discuss how to make a difference in your role as (non) executive director and how to maximize positive impact?
  • Explore the next level in sustainable governance with your peers?

Do you want to put YOUR mark on the implementation of Corporate Social Entrepreneurship?


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Anticipating, sharing thoughts, contributing, and together shaping conscious and positive leadership; that’s what NCD is all about. NCD stands for the Netherlands association of Corporate Directors; since 1953 and with 15.000 participants and 1.500 core members the platform for responsible leadership & governance in the Netherlands.

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